taking information

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At present, Several municipalities are taking information on the transition to the collection of .
He asked the enumerators to show good behaviour and politeness while taking information from the citizens and to avoid unnecessary questioning.
We'll also be creating a national database, initially by taking information from all three centres.
Make an appointment with your vet, taking information about your dog's diet and how frequently you feed him.
Var of Turkish Prime Minister taking information on the explosion
I've got that in the dressing room, they are taking information in, they are doing well so far but that was a learning curve for them.
The ministry stresses the importance of taking information on examinations from the official sources of the ministry.
He pointed out that the visit comes in the context of Sudan's keenness to the continuous dialogue with the US and taking information from the real source instead of those who have hidden agenda .
Knowledge is Beautiful provides a fine visual collection of nearly two hundred infogaphics and visualizations, taking information and using it to create visually appealing displays of information which skirt the border of art and data.
The pilot scheme in Leeds saw Leeds City Credit Union receive an increase in loan requests following 2,000 customers taking information from Halifax and Lloyds Bank branches across the city centre.
Taking information about retention levels that the Indiana libraries decided on at the outset, Lugg and his team were able to help the libraries across the state draw their print collections down while maintaining segments of the collections that were needed.
He said if such kind of politics will continue then country will head towards ruins, due to the current situation of Islamabad foreign investors are hesitating to invest while the countries of the whole world are taking information from our foreign office which is not a good sign.