taking issue with

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Pyongyang suspended the planned meeting taking issue with the two-week combined air drills between Seoul and Washington that ended Friday.
I am not taking issue with the underlying premise he is promoting (although I'm sure other correspondents will).
With the North's taking issue with the delay, the two sides are likely to face difficulties in working out major agreements on reconciliation and other economic projects.
Mailbag also received multiple letters taking issue with a March 25 Commentary article by a University of Oregon history professor that said the Second Amendment doesn't guarantee an individual's right to keep and bear arms.
Two northeastern, value-added forest companies are taking issue with the provincial government's action to sell their wood supply to Quebec competitors.
Taking issue with numerous demonstrably false writings about Jesus' trial that have been harmful to Christian-Jewish relations and dialogues, Jesus on Trial dissects the gospel account word by word at length, in full context of the social and political realities of the era.
Taking issue with Cyprian that "there is no salvation outside the church," Killinger nonetheless gladly confessed that after his conversion "church became more or less everything to me and the church people became my real family" (10).