taking issue with

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Taking issue with numerous demonstrably false writings about Jesus' trial that have been harmful to Christian-Jewish relations and dialogues, Jesus on Trial dissects the gospel account word by word at length, in full context of the social and political realities of the era.
Taking issue with Cyprian that "there is no salvation outside the church," Killinger nonetheless gladly confessed that after his conversion "church became more or less everything to me and the church people became my real family" (10).
I refer specifically to the 19 Quebec Roman Catholic priests who are taking issue with the Church's opposition to both same-sex "'marriage" and the ordination of active "gays" into the priesthood.
The CCR letter was filed 10 days after an earlier letter from CCR taking issue with a different proposed FSP on FAS123(R), Practical Exception to the Application of Grant Date as Defined in FASB Statement No.
Both provide valuable analysis and speculation about mental phenomena while taking issue with much current scientific and philosophical thinking about the subject.
Last December, TEI filed comments with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue taking issue with the department's proposed definition of "Eligible Retirement Benefit Plan.
Ford apparently had problems with the script (which was originally written by ``Beautiful Mind'' Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman), taking issue with the fact that Ryan, a CIA director, would be so closely involved in the movie's action scenes.