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Communicate to teens the importance of only taking medicine that is meant for them.
A MAJOR overhaul of European Union (EU) pharmaceutical legislation has been proposed by the European Commission, aimed at protecting consumers from potential ill effects caused by taking medicine.
When taking medicine prescribed by your doctor, patients should drink water with tablets.
It's about making the act of taking medicine fun for kids--less of a chore and more of a treat," says Jill Addeo, mother of two and President and co-founder of KidKupz.
It also describes a brief program of behavioral support for patients taking medicine for alcohol dependence as well as a state-of-the-art behavioral intervention developed for a recent clinical trial.
While some of these figures are made up by suicide attempts, or children accidentally taking medicine, experts fear the other statistics could be caused by doctors' mistakes.
Africa is the great incubator, since them, even more than in the industrial world, people stop taking medicine too soon, thereby giving the bugs the chance to adapt to the medicine and challenge us to come up with new defenses.
Also, adults should avoid taking medicine in front of a child or giving a child medicine while another youngster is watching.
Now I am taking medicine and working with a counselor to cope better with my worries.
The researchers examined NSAID usage by 9,411 Medicaid enrollees age 65 and over who had recently begun taking medicine for hypertension.
To keep you healthy, your doctor or clinic nurse may ask you to start taking medicine as soon as you find out you have HIV.
A study at the Given Health Care Center at the University of Vermont, in which 100 patients were given copies of their own records, found that 84 percent were more careful about taking medicine prescribed for them, and 97 percent worried less about their health care.