taking possession

References in classic literature ?
But I wish each of you on taking possession of the share that falls to him to follow one of the paths I shall indicate.
After taking possession of the studio I had raised it tenderly, dusted its mangled limbs and insensible, hard- wood bosom, and then had propped it up in a corner where it seemed to take on, of itself, a shy attitude.
Total quantity or scope: The contract is for a period of 48 months from the date of taking possession of the vehicle.
After taking possession, the SL Green/Stonehenge partnership will deploy "a strategic renovation program[] to include common corridor upgrades and window improvements, as well as elevator, heating, and electrical system upgrades, in order to convert the property into a luxury Upper West Side residential address.
Under 13 Lindley Swifts 4 Brighouse Rangers 34 BRIGHOUSE got off to the best possible start by taking possession from the kick off and finishing off their first set with a try inside the first minute - the conversion was short.
In ``Mission: Impossible III,'' Tom Cruise's super-agent Ethan Hunt and his crew are trying to prevent a super-villain played by Philip Seymour Hoffman from taking possession of the Rabbit's Foot.
This heralds the start of cash flow for First Nickel, six months after taking possession of the Lockerby Mine on June 1,2005," says company president Elizabeth Kirkwood in a Dec.
He also shared that while he was taking possession of the medal, it belonged to his colleagues at the institute for their trust and loyalty.
For software delivered electronically, a download by a customer counts as taking possession, but revenue from transactions involving delivery agents of the vendor should be recognized when the software is delivered to the customer, not the delivery agent.
This seems modest raillery, a way of taking possession that is also a surrender, a relatively benign insertion.
What seems more problematic is his further conclusion that this reflected a major transformation of public space in the Isere countryside, with women taking possession of "dances and cafes, weddings and boules" even in times when a strike was not occurring.
Often they gravitate strongly toward certain pieces -- "almost taking possession of the art," Chellgren says.