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As well as deciding the ultimate winner of our first Taking Stock competition, today in offices across the region staff and friends will be vying for bragging rights in their own mini-leagues.
the provider of next-generation Web application security to protect privileged information, today underscored the results of several recent high profile surveys, research and legislative action that encourages security professionals taking stock and suggested action, while noting doing little can have dire consequences for consumers and corporations.
In the Taking Stock league long- time leader WhiteVanMan rallied slightly, closing the gap between him and Firefox from over pounds 35 s 1 Firefox pounds 829,174 2 WhiteVanMan pounds 817,347 3 Theriskfactor pounds 713,827 4 mitford pounds 572,285 5 CHSecurities pounds 515,050
Now, a decade later, the founders and the 30 residents of the two homes are taking stock and counting their blessings.
The leader board in the Taking Stock game has been largely dominated by White Van Man from day one.
The exercise is not intended to provide recommendations, but to highlight the `lay-of-the ground' in the R&D field in India, taking stock of key players in this field, India's existing and emerging R&D strengths, and the policy regime governing R&D.
THERE are now almost 700 players in our Taking Stock league and with over a week to go to its closing date there is still time to enter.
COMPETITION is hotting up by the minute in our new fantasy stocks and shares trading game Taking Stock.
Producers by and large agree that taking stock of life insurance needs is as important as periodically examining one's investment portfolio, said Cassidy.
Recruiting season: This is the time of year when men's soccer coach Jim Rickard is taking stock of his program and looking to fill his needs.
Thus, taking stock of the intensifying competition in the market, companies are focusing on providing better customer relations and after-sales service.
The top three players in our online game Taking Stock - led by White Van Man - are rapidly approaching the pounds 400,000 mark, meaning, in just a matter of weeks, they will have quadrupled their original investment.