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Official Synopsis of "White Collar" Season 5 Episode 12, "Taking Stock"
Taking stock of abilities, then, should be done regularly throughout a career.
Louis Feldman, an analyst at Hoefer & Arnett in Portland, said taking stock out of the market through a buy back would help shareholders by improving Pacific Continental's earnings per share and boost the firm's return on equity - measurements used by investors and analysts to gauge the bank's health.
In 1998, The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) began a process known as Taking Stock of Risk Factors for Child/Youth Externalizing Behavior Problems.
Taking Stock: Journalism and the Publicly Traded Newspaper Company
While you're taking stock of household amenities, take a close look at your washing machine and dishwasher, too.
What Professor Polak has given us is a solid statistical and bibliographical basis for taking stock of this medieval rhetorical tradition from its origins through the end of the Renaissance.
This week, as the level of the Red River continues to recede throughout North Dakota, researchers in Grand Forks have begun taking stock of what survived last month's flood.
Taking Stock: The North American Livestock Census, by Donald E.
Then, "Taking Stock" entered national distribution via the McNaught Syndicate, which also folded.
After a couple of hours of taking stock of the situation, I set up a stone shelter.
Summary: New Delhi [India], March 14 (ANI): Health Ministry on Thursday stated that it is taking stock of the public health measures for controlling West Nile Virus in Kerala.