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We are taking the long view on things and hope to raise money through our corporate bonds to finance additional long-term investments; that is our vision and that is our strategy for Palestine," he said in a statement.
But, taking the long view, can anyone doubt that the invasion had the effect of shaking up the pieces, not just in Iraq, but across the Islamic chessboard?
Never accuse our quango meisters of neither thinking deep nor taking the long view.
Savannah, GA, Aug 6, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Over a 37-year career selling aircraft, Roger Sperry has found that taking the long view pays off when it comes to building new markets.
But the paceman was told he had no choice in the matter by the selectors, who are taking the long view with their bowlers.
Singleton believes that taking the long view in advocating for progressive change in the criminal justice system starts with the basics: legal education.
Jenny's story; taking the long view of the child; Prospect's philosophy in action.
Taking the long view of church history, he muses over the church's establishing of orthodox belief about the nature of Christ and asks, "Is it pure chance or, looking at it in a good Old Testament way, is it providence?
Hawes said he's taking the long view with retail establishments in his building.
Six months ago, many retirement plan sponsors reported they were taking the long view of the situation," said Sally Natchek, senior director of research at the International Foundation in Brookfield, Wis.
But with eight new crude reserves set to come online in 2011, China is definitely taking the long view.
99 bottle from the corner shop is unlikely to improve no matter how long it languishes in your cellar, but it seems that more of us are taking the long view when it comes to wine consumption.

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