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com, 53 percent of potential homebuyers are not taking the plunge anytime soon.
But May's results could give a pointer to the prospect of him taking the plunge in 2009 or having to hold out to the wire in 2010.
Visitor numbers for the first month of the Lakeside Centre in Killingworth show there were almost 20,000 customers - with more than half taking the plunge in its swimming pool.
The issues that interest me include taking the plunge to becoming your own boss.
Coventry carer Helen O'Brien will be taking the plunge, swimming 1.
PUNTERS taking the plunge on this week's Dancing On Ice eviction should tread carefully as an injury to Kelly Holmes's partner Todd Sand could hamper their performance or earn them a sympathy vote, writes Phil Agius.
A Year Of Sundays: Taking The Plunge (and Our Cat) To Explore Europe is the personal travelogue account of Edward Webster who, along with Marguerite, his legally blind wife of 28 years, and his 16-year-old cat, toured France, Holland, Austria, Greece, Italy, and Spain much in a manner reminecent of the "Grand Tours" of the 19th century upper classes.
If you decide to jump into the real estate game, evaluate all the steps before taking the plunge and purchasing a property.
Yet for all the fuss that's been made over Canada's pioneering foray into gay matrimony, an Advocate analysis shows that far fewer couples are taking the plunge than expected.