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MY NAME IS EARL - SEASON 3 (Cert 12, 440 mins) AS THE third series of the hit comedy begins, Earl (Jason Lee) is in prison, taking the rap for his ex-wife Joy, who stole a truck.
Saintly Michael is taking the rap for his girlfriend Sara killing bad guy Kim, so he's unhappily reunited with fellow captives T-Bag, Bellick and Mahone.
Judge Cartlidge said: "There are real serious consequences for taking the rap for someone else.
Shadrach demands a hot date as a reward for taking the rap for Zak, but instead gets Steph.
Claiming they're taking the rap for the sins of others, Charest and Weinberg said that all that money they spent was legitimately theirs, owed to them by Cinar.
Luttwak even refers to this episode as an example of "the cultural disease that ravages American industry." If this charge is just, why are the poor investors of America taking the rap for insufficient "patience"?
Yet Muslims seem to be the only group in Britain taking the rap for what is, and should always be, a crime in the civil law as well as the religious canon.