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Girlfriend Heather Bellshaw, played by Jenni Keenan Green, kicks him out this week after taking the rap for his drugs stash.
But fair play to the boss for taking the rap over the advanced position he asked him to fill - not many Premiership managers ever admit to anything remotely critical of themselves so it was big ofRafa.
Debbie and Cain make up and share a tender father-daughter moment, as she tells him she's proud of him for taking the rap for Sam but urges him to run away to avoid going to prison.
Enter Jennifer, a smart high-flier in the world of finance who has ended up on the wrong side of the law after taking the rap for her boss.
The South American star did not bargain for the blast he would walk into at the Carrington training ground canteen on Monday lunchtime, but observers say he earned respect from Keane and others by standing and taking the rap.
The player insisted he was not responsible for the content, with ghost writer Eddie Butler taking the rap for a series of columns.
Woes Others can be held responsible for Rangers' financial woes but Smith is taking the rap for what happens on the park.
This was never a charge that the police used to be particularly interested in but, since more and more drivers have been looking to get out of speeding tickets, they have started using this as a means of scaring motorists into taking the rap themselves.
It seems mascot Scunny Bunny is taking the rap for Scunthorpe's slide down the Coca-Cola Championship table.