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Some 220 soldiers are expected to march through the streets of Dewsbury at 11am on Saturday, with the Mayor of Kirklees, Clr Eric Firth, taking the salute outside Dewsbury Town Hall.
The Corbridge branch of the Legion was honoured by the Duchess taking the salute in the village yesterday.
Back in May, 1954, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Alderman R Bailey, drove along Mather Avenue in his coach, past the ceremonial units of Allerton Wolf Cubs and Scouts, after taking the salute at their march-past and attending their annual service.
The Band of the Army Air Corps was on hand to provide the entertainment and the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Gill Bird, was taking the salute.
The event will be followed by a parade of 1,400 members of the Normandy Veterans' Association and the Royal British Legion with the Queen and Tony Blair taking the salute.
1953: The Queen officiated at her first post-Coronation ceremony by taking the salute at the trooping the colour on her favourite horse,Winston.
THE Times showed some cheeky humour on its front page the day after the Queen Mum's Festival of Madness with its headline: Queen Mother Defies Bombers - accompanied by a large photo of the World's Greatest Gran taking the salute from a crack troop of Wombles, in Guardsmen's tunics.

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