tale telling

See: narration
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Other book-related events include a series of Tale Spinning sessions for the Tyneside Tale Telling Festival by various groups including Gary Cordingley, Chris Bostock and Bookhappy.
TUNNEL VISION provides a fine tale telling of a bike accident, a student's coma, and a revival which sparks the interest of the religious world.
This results in a degree of comprehensiveness; while obviously unable to include more than a sampling of the rich variety of tales that are available, the endnotes provide a sense of the holistic panorama of American tale telling and collecting.
Drawing from archives, regional collections, unpublished notes of fellow folklorists, and his personal work, McCarthy presents a range of tales that represents a wide swath of the Euro-American tale telling experience.
The results quickly wear thin, along with the hoochy-koochy and bumps and grinds of the play's scantily clad concubines and virgins, the kinky black leather shorts of the muscle-bound executioner and the archness of so much of the tale telling.