tale telling

See: narration
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Other book-related events include a series of Tale Spinning sessions for the Tyneside Tale Telling Festival by various groups including Gary Cordingley, Chris Bostock and Bookhappy.
Frozen has become the biggest animated film in the world, with the heart-warming tale telling how fearless optimist Anna sets off to find her sister whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.
TUNNEL VISION provides a fine tale telling of a bike accident, a student's coma, and a revival which sparks the interest of the religious world.
This results in a degree of comprehensiveness; while obviously unable to include more than a sampling of the rich variety of tales that are available, the endnotes provide a sense of the holistic panorama of American tale telling and collecting.
Drawing from archives, regional collections, unpublished notes of fellow folklorists, and his personal work, McCarthy presents a range of tales that represents a wide swath of the Euro-American tale telling experience.
Folk singing, tale telling and lots of fun accompany the activities - now on offer from $665 for travelers who wish to spend a day at the roundup to photograph - or take part in - the exciting events.