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The biblical prohibitions against talebearing (Leviticus 19:16) and evil gossip (Psalms 34:14) are discussed at length in the Talmud Yoma 4b and Sanhedrin 31a, and in the codes of Jewish law such as Maimonides' Mishneh Torah (Deot 7:2).
5) In a draft text for this passage in "The Grey Annals," note to Year 66, [section]95, Galadriel herself denies any complicity on the part of her family: "and being perplexed and recalling suddenly with anger the words of Caranthir [one of the Sons of Feanor] she said ere she could set a guard on her tongue: 'For already the children of Finrod [later Finarfin] are charged with talebearing and treason to their kindred.
It is fitting, therefore, that this traitor suffers the consequences of such deceptiveness: stabbing at the hands of his victims, as he prepares for another night of talebearing.
Is it talebearing, for that matter, to pass on true stories (e.