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Not the least being that although porn helps define what it means to be gay, helps shape the eroticism of the next generation, and helps determine our ideas of safe sex, it's still disproportionately controlled by talentless, apolitical sleazeballs, in part because talented, politically conscious folks don't want anything to do with it.
Last week Chris revealed he fell out with Johnny, 49, because he had called him a talentless DJ.
LIKE most people, I imagine, I have found it a less than enjoyable experience having to listen to executives from the BBC trying to explain away their willful ignoring of the nefarious activities of that greasy, talentless paedophile, Jimmy Savile who, let's face it, became rich and famous only because he had an amazing ability to put gramophone records onto a turntable without breaking them.
The Liverpool legend provided the inspiration as a largely talentless bunch of journalists, fans and competition winners took to the hallowed turf.
IT seems to me that Tv is the process of creating a new trio of monsters in Adrian chiles, colin Murray and, most of all, the supremely talentless James corden.
What joy to watch a bunch of mostly talentless, overpaid idiots slapping each other on the backs as they further their own careers.
The former Sex Pistol let rip in the Bush Telegraph, saying: "The woman's ***ing talentless.
Equally she must be the least talented high profile person in the insane celebrity world we have at the minute alongside Victoria Beckham who is equally talentless.
But this means that when Antonio faces the inevitable criticism that he is a talentless buffoon, cynically attempting to cash in on the reputation of his late partner, he now has the perfect riposte.
When Jason accepts an offer to house-sit a Beverly Hills mansion for his friend, the talentless actor Fawn Farrar, he finds himself propelled into a mob of situations that change his life forever, situations that are alternately funny, irritating, terrifying, and rapturous.
It is unacceptable that so many talentless individuals, with over-inflated egos are coining it in.