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TALE, comm. law. A denomination of money in China. In the computation of the ad valorem duty on goods, &c. it is computed at one dollar and forty-eight cents. Act of March 2, 1799, s. 61, 1 Sto. L. U. S. 626. Vide Foreign Coins.

TALE, Eng. law. The declaration or count was anciently so called in law pleadings. 3 Bl. Com. 293.

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To report and to estimate the differences in other morphological parameters such as maximum anterioposterior length of the talus (MAPL), maximum transverse width of the talus (MTW), trochlear length (TL), length of the sulcus tali (LS), and width of the sulcus tali (WS) of the right and left sides.
In this study we established the three- dimensional (3D) finite element model of Sanders type II calcaneal fracture and simulated two kinds of fixation methods namely AO calcaneal plate with an additional sustentaculum tali screw fixation or without sustentaculum tali screw fixation.
Tali is currently a professor of radiology, executive associate dean and director of neuroradiology at the Department of Radiology at the Gazi University School of Medicine in Ankara.
It doesn't matter about first place because Tali is number one to us,' said Clinique consultant Mitzi, of Cyncoed, Cardiff.
Taking into account my experience from the last time Tali was arrested, as well as her personality, I think there is no chance that she was involved in planning terror attacks.
As a supporting act Tali deserves special mention though those who reach for a purer sound of Size's Reprazent days may well have done without the toasting during Brown Paper Bag and left it to the sample man and his bassist to get on with this crowd pleaser.
Tali, Dominic and Milko--all admittedly "passionate about art" -- can maintain their not-for-profit position thanks to an anonymous Geneva art collector who has bankrolled the project in the classic Swiss tradition of artistic altruism.
A store owner in Taichung City, north of Tali, said bottled water and milk have been sold out in the past three days.
Level 3 and Tekelec have agreed to jointly promote TALI as the industry standard for interconnection of SS7 and IP networks.
Lazaro, a co-founder of Tali Handmade, is often called a social entrepreneur.