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Calderstones Park is hosting a fascinating walk and talk around some of the finest specimens.
In "Blood," Naomi Shihab Nye says, "I call my father, we talk around the news.
There's also talk around town of plenty of empty seats at the Hilton, where "Frankenstein" started previews Oct.
talk around the woven shoals that spawn here in the shallows,
Talk around the league is he'll never play for New York again.
Talk around the dinner table usually revolved around what time Dad left for his second job or if all the green beans had sealed from the last canning.
She will theme her talk around the subject "If you think you can, you can'.
One stunned local said: "The talk around here was that it was a murder but nobody knows.
Weigel structured his talk around the idea of the various "souls" or aspects of the Pope's personality
There's a lot of talk around during these times, on what firms should do and shouldn't do for their clients, and it's important to recognize what Ernst & Young does.
If you continue to talk around my question, I will be forced to ask the judge to instruct you to answer.
Pontypool's championship chances were boosted by the fact that they totted up 14 tries but the talk around the Wern was that a lunch-time meeting of the playing staff resulted in just two first team regulars taking the field and the second team players having to be drafted in.