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"It is fascinating to learn children showed selected learning from other child talkers. This has implications for social cognition and selective social learning," Wang said.
In a White House ceremony held by President Trump to honor them last November, 90-year-old code talker Peter MacDonald said that their act of patriotism crossed all boundaries of language and culture.
"Hogan had different attributes but Byrne is more of a talker and organiser.
Taking into account the fact that word recognition (intelligibility) may be influenced by talker, listener, utterance and situation in which the word is pronounced, Bradlow and Pisoni (1999) investigated English native and non-native speakers' recognition of easy and hard (3) words produced by ten native speakers of American English (talkers).
I'm not a good talker, I'm a good fighter,' he said during the podcast.
* Sinclair's new self-produced talker "Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson" now knows when its birthday will be.
There are so many pieces that are unknown," she said, adding that they've created a Facebook page (Cree Code Talker) and website ( to try and reach out to people who may have information to contribute.
He recalled in Code Talker, a 2011 memoir written by Judy Avila, his family was reduced to subsistence farming and stretches of days when they had no food.
Vestcom's newest shelf-edge innovation is Snap-Talker, which combines the price label, bib tag and shelf talker all in one unit, saving time and money with fewer parts and less labor to hang, while allowing a SKU-specific message to draw attention and influence purchase behavior.
Talker 25 is an original take on the dystopian future.
In WWII, Navajo tribal member Samuel Holiday was a 'Navajo code talker' who used his native language for secret battlefield communications.
The Navajo Oral History Project was repeated in 2010 with another group of students from the two colleges creating documentary films on four Navajo elders: Andrew Brady, an Air Force veteran, retired coal miner and sheep farmer; John Kinsel, a World War II Navajo code talker; Lettie Nave, an educator and community leader; and Marjorie "Grandma" Thomas, an educator who started an annual walk to raise funds for a Navajo youth center.