talking big

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I have been trying to be humble and modest, but the media asks me everyday and they have ways of asking me questions where they turn the answer some kind of way where it looks like I'm really talking big," Dutrow said when asked if maybe he could appear a bit more humble at times.
Bale has a fantastic future ahead of him and clubs are talking big money for him,' he said.
95) packs in tips on everything from tricks to cut a food bill to how to save on designer wedding gowns--and we're talking big savings here, not just a few dollars.
i'm sick of politicians talking big and acting small,
If Dad screws this house up, if he starts lying and talking big, she's leaving him.
But the entertainment press is talking big numbers.
Multiply this by the "thousands" of fixtures on campus, and we're talking big bucks.
You are talking big bucks from some clubs and we simply can't compete.
You're talking big revenue if they have to close up," said Jacobson.
In the case of Bosnia, and now Haiti, Clinton has been bashed (and rightly so) for his indecisiveness, for wavering, for talking big and turning tail.
And, children will love to squeeze the hand and tummy of new Talking Big Bird to hear him say hundreds of different things.
There's no dipping your toe in the water - we're talking big money.