talking big

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He warned that "talking big on price cuts may be popular" but this will not "solve the problem of fuel poverty," adding: "A politician without a serious plan to improve housing is very unlikely to be serious about tackling fuel poverty."
I can forgive him all this talking big, but - even though I was salivating at some of his creations - I began to get "proper" irritated by his love of the word proper.
The board have been quick to say Domingos' future is not in doubt but the fact they had to even issue such a statement highlights the problems at a club who were talking big last summer when fresh investment saw the likes of Diego Capel, Oguchi Onyewu, Stijn Schaars, Jeffren, Elias, Emiliano Insua and Ricky van Wolfswinkel pitch up at the Jose Alvalade.
In the last series, Nick and Katie were astonished to find themselves the show''s first ever quarter-millionaires - we''re talking big bucks there, but will anybody be as lucky in this current run?
If we're talking big jobs, such as painting fascias or clearing out gutters, then professionals can do it far quicker than you.
Forget the sexy, designer stubble, we are talking big, bushy soup-catchers that cover half the face.
If the common man needs peace then what's the point talking big on other issues?
'I won't jinx the team by talking big, but I'm confident the fans will be happy with what they see.'
1000 BEST WEDDING BARGAINS: INSIDER SECRETS FROM INDUSTRY EXPERTS (1402202989, $12.95) packs in tips on everything from tricks to cut a food bill to how to save on designer wedding gowns--and we're talking big savings here, not just a few dollars.
i'm sick of politicians talking big and acting small,
If Dad screws this house up, if he starts lying and talking big, she's leaving him.
But the entertainment press is talking big numbers.