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Byrne's twitchy and alienated music with Talking Heads never was: genial, well-meaning, as forgettable as a real estate agent's handshake.
Pero entre 1974 Y el principio de los 90, los Talking Heads le cantaban al interior de nuestras bocas".
Then as the film progresses, talking heads multiply, diverse aspects of the story are conveyed more explicitly and the narrative gets a little choppy.
Most of the crowd would have been happy if he'd simply performed the entire Talking Heads back catalogue.
Neither the talking heads nor their author displays the slightest awareness of the African sources or the historical and cultural nuances and ironies which inform the lyric.
Strangely, with the advancement of technology and the advent of webcasting and conference calling to convey information, tell stories and "interact" with target audiences, the talking heads are back.
Here, Vandekeybus has added the theatricality of text and film to the powerful dancing of eleven fierce male performers and collaborated with Talking Heads head David Byme, who has composed a richly dimensional score.
That sound is enriched by the fact that Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads fame has a Midas touch as this band's producer, one which was seen on the unit's strong first two CDs, 1991's Mental Jewelry and the 1994 masterpiece, Throwing Copper.
RMD has significant successes internationally and its staff producers have collaborated with some of the most influential names in the music industry today including Sting, David Byrne of the Talking Heads, George Kranz, Freedom Williams of C & C Music Factory, Stevie Winwood, Robin Scott, and jazz saxophone legend Bill Evans, among others.
The iconic Talking Heads tune is sure to send the hipsters into overdrive and deliver one of the highlights of this year's Picnic.
But once again there has been a huge over-reaction to the incident with the usual talking heads on talking heads radio spouting the usual nonsense.