tall story

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I can assure you that this is definitely not a tall story.
Both have tall story potential, something you don't get with autograph books.
Their collaboration produced <IR> LIFE WITH FATHER </IR> (1939), based on the books by Clarence Day, which ran for eight years; <IR> STATE OF THE UNION </IR> (1945), a satire on American politics which won the Pulitzer Prize; Life with Mother (1948), based on other stories by Clarence Day; Call Me Madam (1950); The Great Sebastians (1956); and Tall Story (1959).
The Albert Tower of Middlesbrough - despite all the photographic "evidence" - was just another April Fool's tall story.
He tried to calm her with some tall story - but she was having none of it.
A TALL STORY There was once a gentle giant, As quiet as a lamb, Taller than the tallest tree, Stronger than a ram.
The ability to concoct a tall story is an important part of mental development - and a sign of future job success, said researchers.
I had always known there was a tiger in Holmfirth, but to anyone not familiar with the district it must have seemed like a tall story.
CHESTER Zoo has yet another tall story to tell, after the birth of its second baby giraffe this year.
A new MP told a tall story in the Commons yesterday - but Tory Daniel Kawczynski has no doubt he can still take the moral high ground.