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The trope tall, dark and handsome reflects and reinforces this aesthetic, and while dark has given way to fair skin, tallness remains idealized.
In one of the variants of the demon lover ballad, James Harris grows taller before he sinks the ship; in the stories of The Lottery tallness is one of the repeated signs of the demon lover.
And now, I read, they are to have their own date in the calendar glorifying their tallness, for tomorrow is the start of National Beanpole Week which is the height of bad taste to us shorter folk.
The Olympic star added that the experts showed him that it was beneficial for him to play with custom-made clubs, to improve his game, considering his tallness and the length of his arms.
When we say "The rose is red," "I am tall," "He is lazy," we are suggesting that redness is found in the rose, that tallness is found in me, and that laziness is found in him.
This plane-tree is very spreading and tall, and the tallness and shadiness of the agnus are quite lovely; and being in full flower it seems to make the place smell as sweetly as it could.
Results showed participants clearly valued the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) image defined by tallness, athleticism, slenderness, and blue eyes and blonde hair.
33) Some familiar examples: The moral globally supervenes on the nonmoral; justified true belief is insufficient for knowledge; nothing can be red all over and green all over at the same time; the tallness relation is transitive; closed trilateral figures have interior angles that sum to 180 degrees.
Suppose, for example, that the property of tallness is not expressible in L.
Instead tallness is giving every student what they need in order to be successful.
The tallness or shortness of a stalk was interpreted literally; same with a healthy or withered stalk.
One night, she gave me a goodnight kiss (on the cheek)--not much, but an improvement, even though I had the odd feeling that she would have kissed me on the forehead but for the fact that my tallness and her diminutiveness put it out of reach.