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Subsequently, a match measure is set up with a changed condition (4) that acknowledges the SEH as the most minimal stature of DH and considering that the extraordinary tallness of DH ought not to be higher than 5 cm over the SEH.
In a study Toilliet.al.,(2013) reported thatthe color of fresh leaf, tree tallness, type of leaf margins, circumference of stem, strength of fragrance and length of leaf blade had strong correlation.In third quadrant,the negative values for PC1 and PC2 showed the lowest values of FRSK, LC, TSS, TW in local varietiesi.eBadia manna seyed, Intikhab, Almas, Rohaan, Aalishan, HaiderShah wala,Neelum and Burma surkha.
The word "tall" is vague when used to refer to human height, because there is no bright-line cutoff for tallness. This is different than ambiguity: a word or expression is ambiguous when it has more than one sense (or semantic meaning).
The gene for tallness is strong and dominates the gene for shortness which is weak.
Group 3 strains are very potent, hence more popular, although harder to grow indoors because of their tallness. Hybrids between the two groups have proven to be well adapted to indoor cultivation and are widely cultivated (Clarke & Watson, 2007).
A positive relationship between 25(OH)D levels and muscle strength, compel, speed, and bounce tallness was noted in 99 postmenarchal young ladies matured 1214 years with low 25(OH)D status (mean 21.3 nmol/L) [35].
Low seat tallness -- from 39 cm -- considers simple foot-driving.
Hence, negative combining ability effects for earliness traits and plant height are required to get higher yields as to discourage the late maturity and tallness. Plant height is an important agronomic character with respect to the risks of wind damage and lodging (Sincik et al., 2011).
Al-Ahmari said that despite his amazing tallness, he lives an ordinary and natural life and when he meets people, they are very surprised by his height, but talk about it in good spirit.
They took my lover's tallness off to war, Left me lamenting.
this one tightens his fingers and bends his knees slightly for the wall to absorb a part of his tallness
It's the modesty of his walk and tallness of his talk