tally sheet

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The chronic refusal was not recorded in tally sheet prepared by the polio teams, spokesperson EOC Balochistan.
Keep a tally sheet on your smoking behaviour to gain a better understanding of patterns, moods, and triggers for cravings Control cravings using the 4 D's-Delay by waiting five minutes and seeing if the craving passes.
Each time an interaction between a child and a mascot occurred, the researcher tallied one mark in the appropriate spot on the tally sheet.
Observers discuss the region in terms of a tally sheet -- with countries where regimes fell on one side and those that survived on another.
To help keep the critique moving, I use a tally sheet to track the amount of comments each student contributes.
Oman's name in the tally sheet is what everyone is looking for and the enterprising youngster, who has proved his credentials with the Australasian team, will be the focus today when he takes part in the individual showjumping event.
If they don't have the right shade of (paper) for what they're doing, they can get it off the shelf and keep a tally sheet and pay at the end," she said.
Perhaps the department believes it would be a good idea to have a tally sheet for all 30 pupils in a class so they can keep a record of how many times they have chastised each of them.
While a regular tally sheet looks at termination payouts under various circumstances, the more extensive analysis examines the range of payouts possible under multiple performance scenarios.
On the progressive side of the tally sheet is real-estate agent Harmond Wilks (played by Carroll): liked, respected, with Hill District ties and about to run for mayor.
Create your tally sheet and make a game of increasing the variety, if not the amount, of plant foods in your diet.
I think he should have had a tally sheet or something in the back of the book to tell just how many women he slept with.