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"Hindi siya makalabas as a file na nakikita natin, na makikita mo sa tally sheet (It does not appear as a file that we see in the tally sheet)," Villanueva explained.
I do keep a tally sheet on the kitchen table and try to remember to mark each drink.
Whereas, the PBSA also sought minister's help to resolve several core issues such as cash awards to medal winners and the proposed medal tally sheet prepared by it a couple of years ago.
The PBSA briefed the minister about issues including establishment of the snooker academies, cash awards to medal winners, proposed medal tally sheet by PBSA, annual and special grants, NOC matters and upcoming national junior and master's championships.
The minister said that the proposed annual medal tally sheet proposed by PBSA was already under consideration and cash awards for the medal winners would be released as soon as the same is finalized in the Pakistan Sports Board meeting.
Data regarding number of calls to providers were collected informally by one nurse using Postit[R] notes, and a draft tally sheet was developed by the other nurse.
Penny's ranking in Amy's tally sheet also increased after she managed to deliver a sewing kit in less than one minute.
A) Doses recorded on tally sheet compared with immunization register (n = 1,664 health facilities); B) doses recorded on monthly report compared with immunization register (n = 1,686 health facilities); C) doses recorded on monthly report compared with tally sheet (n = 1,713 health facilities); D) doses recorded on the HMIS compared with monthly report (n = 1,661 health facilities; 3 outliers not shown [total no.
All groups wanted to tally the type and number of vehicles on the tally sheet as they replayed their group's videos.
Table 1 illustrates the tally sheet given to each student which was used to record information for each trial.
tally sheet was filled with erasures--one selection swapped for another
Keep a tally sheet on your smoking behaviour to gain a better understanding of patterns, moods, and triggers for cravings Control cravings using the 4 D's-Delay by waiting five minutes and seeing if the craving passes.