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Despite these contentions, the re-examination team commissioned by the National Elections Commission proceeded with the re-examination of the raw data, observing that the NEC staff, who did the entry of the data from the tally sheet increased Mr.
Penny's ranking in Amy's tally sheet also increased after she managed to deliver a sewing kit in less than one minute.
A) Doses recorded on tally sheet compared with immunization register (n = 1,664 health facilities); B) doses recorded on monthly report compared with immunization register (n = 1,686 health facilities); C) doses recorded on monthly report compared with tally sheet (n = 1,713 health facilities); D) doses recorded on the HMIS compared with monthly report (n = 1,661 health facilities; 3 outliers not shown [total no.
Tenders are invited for Printing Tally sheet / format printing tally sheet /format -size a3, paper 60 gsm century, printing in one colour on one side, design of item-as per departmental design.
All groups wanted to tally the type and number of vehicles on the tally sheet as they replayed their group's videos.
dagger]) Field team compared tally sheet and register data at 15 of 16 facilities visited in Kenya.
Table 1 illustrates the tally sheet given to each student which was used to record information for each trial.
was not recorded in tally sheet prepared by the polio teams, EOC Balochistan spokesperson said.
Keep a tally sheet on your smoking behaviour to gain a better understanding of patterns, moods, and triggers for cravings Control cravings using the 4 D's-Delay by waiting five minutes and seeing if the craving passes.
I lost the election because the Malawi electoral commission (MEC) relied on tally sheet counts despite evidence pouring in that the number of people that voted in this election were more than the number of those who registered in most centres across the country.
We smiled and recorded the grouse on the tally sheet.
Tally sheet to total points with a predetermined number of shots.