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Since they form whole arrays instead of distinct frontiers, it is not possible to match and merge corresponding portfolios by searching for tangency points of the iso-expected utility curves.
At a point such as E, of tangency with the constant outlay line, elementary geometry tells us that the slopes of the curve and the line are equal.
L] tangency portfolio is [epsilon], where [epsilon] = 35.
Using the straight line connecting the obtained two points of intersection we find the points of tangency.
By reducing SSDI benefits by a small amount (W- D), the work-capable beneficiary would work as much as he wants above SGA along DD', the most preferred choice being the tangency point of the indifference curve [IC.
1,2] of the observation point P from the tangency points Pi 2 and their curvilinear abscissae [s'.
3rd contact: I saw no 'black drop' or other effect of note; however, the slow motion of Venus, coupled with the relatively poor resolution of my apparatus, rendered very hard to fix the moment of tangency.
In figure 1, if we draw a tangent on AC such that the midpoint of the tangent contained by the extended lines BD' and BD coincides with the midpoint of tangency (S), then the welfare levels represented by the point S constitutes the Nash solution (MasCollel et al, 1995:842).
The same may be said for Hamermesh's colander and ball experiment to cognize tangency condition with the long-run average cost curve, and David Landsburg's method of changing points and curvature in microeconomics.
4 section e the tangency point of efficiency zone (section c) and utility function (section d) is presented.
Due to a rough edge of the mesh free edge tolerance was set to higher value of 1mm, also the full internal tangency was checked.