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The difference in elasticity between the samples is highlighted in figure 6, by replotting the same data as tangent delta as a function of frequency.
5 Grendel are hybrids, and all use projectiles combining secant and tangent ogives.
The problem is that the actual value of the loss tangent of the reference object used as the base for counting, during the measurement (control) is unknown, and instead of it we use the approximate values that is a source of systematic errors--the calculated tangent differs from the actual OC loss tangent.
The revised offer document was published and sent to Tangent shareholders by Bidco on 8 March 2016.
MN] = -1, and therefore MN is a tangent to the circle at point M.
The results confirmed that when moving into a curve, drivers rely heavily on using the tangent point before turning the steering wheel.
Cameron was in charge of the group finances since June 2009 and has wide experience in the Ravensworth Digital Services, where he was finance director from 2003 until it was acquired by Tangent in March 2007.
The tangent of the three-degree glideslope angle, as stated in the chart, is the change in height divided by change in length of the associated angle.
Printing company Ravensworth Digital Services has been bought out by London-based plc Tangent Communications in a pounds 5.
Mark Moroney recently announced that he had partnered with Tangent Design Engineering to launch the product this winter to welders working in oil and gas, construction, and mining.