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The full BLCS consists of a basic suction scoop, two distributed suction zones, five moving belts and five tangential blowers, as outlined in Figure 1.
The MOE of OSB from the fertilized tree was negatively correlated with the radial earlywood cell wall thickness, the tangential earlywood cell wall thickness, and the radial earlywood cell diameter.
The tangential force and feed force are mainly influenced by interaction term and the calculated regression value of the 'F' ratio of the model developed does not exceed the tabulated value.
Each of the three eyewalls was accompanied by a clearly defined maximum of reflectivity, tangential wind, and updraft that was separated by a moat region (defined as a zone of weak precipitation or low reflectivity) in between.
The comparison between the condyle tangential views and anteroposterior view for detecting the screw penetration
The primary (top) mixer can be of a tangential or intermeshing design.
By integrate the tangential momentum equation over the boundary layer thickness we get
From the equation 2, the diameter of tangential inlet orifice can be calculated as
We first introduce the concepts of weak tangent point for a pair of mappings and pair-wise tangential property for a dual pair of mappings.