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Quarter-sawn boards, by contrast, have growth rings perpendicular to the surface of the board and so they stay flat as they dry; the tangential shrinkage is entirely perpendicular to the board surface.
From these two conditions, the assumption that elliptic changes from the radial to tangential shrinkage coefficient is enforced according to Figure 4.
2 percent mean tangential shrinkage from green to ovendry of the three subalpine fir trees was similar to the 7.
Figure 3 shows the relationship between tangential shrinkage stresses and sample MC at various RH levels and 80 [degrees]C.
The reasons could be the fact that specimens near the pith have larger annual ring curvatures and a higher tangential shrinkage when comparing it to mature wood.
Both the volumetric and tangential shrinkage of sawn timber correlated significantly with basic density (p = 0.
One explanation for the Ho-ARO configuration could be that the tangential shrinkage is decreased following a permanent creep deformation taking place at the start of drying because of high tensile stresses at the main drying surface (tangential direction).