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He was talking to media saying that despite the fact Tangi Hospital needed more staffs; the government was transferring the staff which was unjust with the people of this area.
Sources said while four of them were killed on the spot, others were rushed to Tangi hospital by the police who were informed about the tragedy by the villagers.
Muhammad Khan Afridi-District Health Officer (DHO) carried out a sudden inspection in Tangi.
The Tangi Bala residents also complained about road to the village.
Chairman WAPDA told the committee that World Bank would provide Rs 500 million for Dasu power project and negotiations are continued with donors over Kurram Tangi, Dasu and Bhasha dam.
The plane with eight crewmembers onboard was operating on behalf of US-based National Air Cargo and had taken off from Bagram airfield, a largest US-run military base, 60 kilometres north of Kabul, before it crashed over the Mahipar mountains in the Tangi Gharo area.
The office bearers were elected including Saddam Hussain Umerzai as District Nazim, Shehzad Khan, Secretary General, Naseem Khan, District President, Inayat Ullah Ghaffari as In charge Mardan Road Circle; Khetab Gul Afridi as Incharge City Circle; Sami Ullah Afkari as Incharge Takht Bhai Road Circle; Naveed Khan Shadab as Incharge Umerzai Circle; and, Saddam Hussain Mohmand as Incharge Tangi Circle.
At that time it was revealed that property belongs to a dweller of Tangi , Charsadah.
According to the budgetary documents released on Friday, the government has specified Rs 6,000 million for raising of Mangla Dam, Rs 2,400 million each for Kacchi Canal (Phase-1) and extension of Right Bank Outfall Drain, Rs 2,000 million for Rainee Canal (Phase-1), Rs 500 million for Kurrum Tangi Dam and Rs 2,000 million for Nai Gaj Dam in the PSDP for 2012-13.
Two rebels were detained and a third wounded during the clean-up operation in the Tangi Buzbai area, said Muhammad Ibrahim, administrative head of the district.
Security officials said a number of militants were targeted in Khar Tangi, Tor Tangi, Lataka, Shawal and Madakhel.
The Malakand Development Program (MDP) completed the widening of 1490-meter long road connecting Tangi Kareen to other villages of Timergara Sub division along with the construction of 122-meters long retaining wall and 3 pipe culverts.