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Possessing a physical form that can be touched or felt.

Tangible refers to that which can be seen, weighed, measured, or apprehended by the senses. A tangible object is something that is real and substantial. An automobile is an example of tangible Personal Property.


adjective actual, certain, clear-cut, concrete, corporal, corporeal, definite, discernible by touch, evident, manifest, material, not elusive, not vague, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, plain, positive, real, solid, somatic, substantial, substantive, tactile, tactual, touchable, tractabilis, verifiable, visible, well-defined
Associated concepts: tangible object, tangible property, tannible value
See also: actual, apparent, appreciable, bodily, certain, concrete, corporal, corporeal, de facto, manifest, material, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, positive, substantive
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After attempts to interest large medical device manufacturers to take a license to the patents failed, TOV turned to Tangible IP to help sell the portfolio.
To address this gap, the paper presented here describes a case study (A-B treatment design) where a tangible object symbol was introduced to an adult (pseudonym Frank) with multiple disabilities and visual impairment at his day habilitation program.
Breakthroughs in Managing Tangible Assets: Completing the Picture of Wealth," a white paper from ACE Private Risk Services and Trov, explores issues surrounding tangible asset management and presents seven steps to address these issues.
According to Tangible Software, N2 Net Security is a managed security services provider, focusing on penetration testing, secure product development, SIEM implementation and PCI compliance.
Genesee & Wyoming Inc (NYSE:GWR), owner and operator of short line and regional freight railroads and provider of railcar switching services, has begun a registered underwritten public offerings of its 3,500,000 class A common stock and 2,000,000 tangible equity units, it stated on Wednesday.
50% tangible equity units, the US mining company said on Monday.
The seller either can (1) work with the purchaser to produce the correct apportionment, then collect and remit sales/use tax to the appropriate jurisdictions based on that apportionment; or (2) collect and remit the tax based on the regular destination-sourcing rules for tangible personal property contained in SSUTA Section 310.
Good pedagogy rightly emphasizes the visual and tangible, which were perhaps not always so accentuated in schools of former times.
In general, the proposed regulations' treatment of costs incurred to acquire or produce tangible property largely restates existing law.
However, the Supreme Court ruled that in cases where the harassment culminates in a tangible employment action, the employer is vicariously liable regardless of whether the employer had preventive anti-harassment policies in place and regardless of whether the employer took remedial action once learning of the conduct.
Receipts from a sale "other than a sale of tangible personal property" are included in the sales factor under the rules set forth in Sec.