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Possessing a physical form that can be touched or felt.

Tangible refers to that which can be seen, weighed, measured, or apprehended by the senses. A tangible object is something that is real and substantial. An automobile is an example of tangible Personal Property.


adjective actual, certain, clear-cut, concrete, corporal, corporeal, definite, discernible by touch, evident, manifest, material, not elusive, not vague, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, plain, positive, real, solid, somatic, substantial, substantive, tactile, tactual, touchable, tractabilis, verifiable, visible, well-defined
Associated concepts: tangible object, tangible property, tannible value
See also: actual, apparent, appreciable, bodily, certain, concrete, corporal, corporeal, de facto, manifest, material, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, positive, substantive
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Tangible assets hold aesthetic value as well as being subject to appreciation.
For example, if a mining service company wanted to purchase a competitor, a suitable financing structure might give value to the machinery and equipment being acquired, but also recognize the value of the target company in excess of its tangible assets.
A ratio of intangible assets to tangible assets from a similar company or an industry average ratio can be applied to the tangible assets of a company to calculate an intangible asset value.
Bringing in the concept of trading of spectrum as a marketable commodity has changed of spectrum towards being treated at par with tangible assets in matter of accounting treatment," the note added.
Tenders are invited for Acquisition of Tangible Assets Data Room.
KUWAIT, Nov 18 (KUNA) -- International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Manager Hazem Al-Beblawi said that nations that carry budget surpluses should focus on investing in tangible assets instead of liquid assets like stocks and bonds.