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Possessing a physical form that can be touched or felt.

Tangible refers to that which can be seen, weighed, measured, or apprehended by the senses. A tangible object is something that is real and substantial. An automobile is an example of tangible Personal Property.


adjective actual, certain, clear-cut, concrete, corporal, corporeal, definite, discernible by touch, evident, manifest, material, not elusive, not vague, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, plain, positive, real, solid, somatic, substantial, substantive, tactile, tactual, touchable, tractabilis, verifiable, visible, well-defined
Associated concepts: tangible object, tangible property, tannible value
See also: actual, apparent, appreciable, bodily, certain, concrete, corporal, corporeal, de facto, manifest, material, palpable, perceivable, perceptible, physical, positive, substantive
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Tangible assets hold aesthetic value as well as being subject to appreciation.
There are many situations, however, which would require a business to finance above and beyond the value of its tangible assets: consider a company facing a transition such as an acquisition, an owner ship succession issue or a buyout.
The HUD tangible asset value also exceeds the value of the TAB under the typical commercial valuation method by $915,000 or 12.0%.
Most small accounting practices are worth no more than the net current ("fair market") value of their tangible assets, because they fail the only widely-accepted test for goodwill value.
The excess earnings model is based upon the contention that excess earning or earnings resulting from goodwill are riskier than earnings that provide a normal return on tangible assets. Consequently, the earnings stream is divided into two portions - earnings attributable to tangible assets and those attributable to intangible assets.
A ratio of intangible assets to tangible assets from a similar company or an industry average ratio can be applied to the tangible assets of a company to calculate an intangible asset value.
Specifically, if only a portion of a building is used exclusively by a line of business, the employer is permitted, but not required, to treat the portion so used as if it were a separate tangible asset that is used exclusively by the line of business.
The Acquisition is not expected to have any material impact on the net tangible asset value and earnings per share of the Company for the financial year ending 31 March 2017.
The final regulations generally retain these tests, with the exception of the separate tangible asset test (Regs.
The telecom department has decided to the finance ministry's views of classifying bandwidth as a tangible asset that can be pledged as collateral for raising finances, offering another much required avenue for stressed telcos to raise debt to refinance existing loans or meet operational expenses.
Reports common tangible common equity to tangible assets ratio 8.17%.
For many SMEs, especially businesses with minimal tangible assets or those with a contractual debtor book, this makes much more sense than the traditional method of borrowing.