tangible assets

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It was when I would have said that I knew all Goldsmith; we often give ourselves credit for knowledge in this way without having any tangible assets; and my reading has always been very desultory.
For many SMEs, especially businesses with minimal tangible assets or those with a contractual debtor book, this makes much more sense than the traditional method of borrowing.
Reports common tangible common equity to tangible assets ratio 8.17%.
Under this restatement, IFRS 16 impact to opening balance on 1 January 2018 amounted to EUR44.0m in tangible assets, EUR0.4m in deferred tax asset, EUR45.9m in interest-bearing liabilities and a negative EUR1.5m in retained earnings.
Applications under the Rural Development 2014-2020 Program (RDP) Measure Investment in Tangible Assets Activity Support to Investments in Agricultural Holdings shall be accepted in the territorial support administration departments of the NPA.
Shareholders' equity to assets and tangible common equity to tangible assets ended the quarter at 10.33% and 8.84%, respectively
As currently proposed, the new listing requirements pertaining to those entities applying under the "assets test" include increasing the minimum financial thresholds (net tangible assets greater than A$5 million or market cap greater than A$20 million) and having audited financial reports for the past three years.
Upward pressure on Kookmin Bank's ratings could develop in the event of (1) its tangible common equity capital ratio rising above 16% (14.7% as of September 2015); (2) its net income to tangible assets ratio exceeding 0.6% (about 0.45% for January to September 2015); or (3) its liquid resources, as measured by liquid banking assets to tangible banking assets, exceeding 30% (16% as of September 2015).
KUWAIT, Nov 18 (KUNA) -- International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Manager Hazem Al-Beblawi said that nations that carry budget surpluses should focus on investing in tangible assets instead of liquid assets like stocks and bonds.
The disposal is expected to have no material impact on the group's earnings for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2014, but is seen to increase the net tangible assets per share by some SGD0.07 for the same year, K1 explained.
In corporate finance lending against tangible assets is common.
The white paper, "Breakthroughs in Managing Tangible Assets," discusses the "blind spot" that the HNW have to the value of their tangible assets.