tangible proof

See: fact
References in classic literature ?
Poirot might have excellent reasons for his belief in Inglethorp's innocence, but a man of the type of Summerhaye would require tangible proofs, and these I doubted if Poirot could supply.
Then, the paleness of her face - its haggard aspect having vanished as she recovered flesh - and the peculiar expression arising from her mental state, though painfully suggestive of their causes, added to the touching interest which she awakened; and - invariably to me, I know, and to any person who saw her, I should think - refuted more tangible proofs of convalescence, and stamped her as one doomed to decay.
The delegation also sees that the guarantees required by a fair trial in accordance with international standards have been offered and the presence of representatives of the permanent members of the UN Security Council at the hearings is a tangible proof.
BRUSSELS, May 27 (KUNA) -- European elections were tangible proof that European democracy is alive and well.
Receiving the Ultimate Seal of Consumer Approval is tangible proof of the people's faith and confidence in their chosen brands in the market.
The presence of Pompeo at the summit was tangible proof that the three countries constituted reliable partners for Washington, especially in the fields of energy and security, said President Nicos Anastasiades prior to the meeting.
"The Tunisian people are entitled to have tangible proof of launching legal proceedings against those charged in this case," she added.
The pavilion serves as tangible proof of the close partnership between the Dutch and Taiwanese governments, private enterprises as well as academic institutions.
'This award is also a tangible proof of the ongoing commitment and hard work of Garuda Indonesia employees, especially the cabin crews who have presented the best Garuda Indonesia experience to all service users,' he added.
He said Cyprus will open an embassy in Tokyo, by the end of the year, tangible proof of a desire to widen the partnership with Japan.
This is also the first tangible proof of his commitment to the implementation of his Big Four agenda.
It became the tangible proof of the honor of Filipinos, and their commitment to wage a principled and peaceful struggle against the might and force of a super power.