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Now that I have been entrusted with that responsibility, I will ensure we never lose focus of our core purposes--to give catastrophically wounded and disabled veterans a voice in media, society and government, as well as deliver programs and services that tangibly impact those we serve.
VTB Capital medium-term interest income forecasts are significantly higher, as VTB no longer expect margins to narrow tangibly in a higher rate environment.
We didn't know we were favourites until we got here and were told because it's not something we can tangibly add value with on the pitch," declared the Kiwi.
The significance of Sleman Shakir's works is that he's presented the Kurdish art and culture tangibly.
Supported mainly by the Children's Program and the Youth Group program of the Chinese Community Church of South Bay, young people gathered to pack shoe boxes filled with small toys, hygiene items, and school supplies to tangibly demonstrate God's love to a child in need.
Synventive continues to innovate and improve our products in ways that tangibly benefit our customers," says Mark Moss, executive vice president, Synventive Product and Market Strategy.
Kazzemi, who is also head of the NIOPDC, said euro-4 fuel has tangibly reduced air pollution in Tehran.
Remedy Informatics founder and CEO, Gary Kennedy, said, 'The goals of the QOPI program align perfectly with our corporate mission to tangibly, measurably and permanently improve healthcare outcomes around the world.
The first scientific experiment of its kind has revealed that beautiful car design can tangibly evoke a powerful range of feelings that are on a par with the most basic of human emotions.
Solar+(tm) uses the natural power of the sun, keeps textiles tangibly warmer and reduces loss of heat.
It will reach Bulgaria on December 24 and will be felt here most tangibly on Tuesday and Wednesday.
He said he "did not see on the horizon" a way to extricate out of the current situation except through rallying around the army, which has put forward a serious plan to tangibly address the deteriorating situation.