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He stopped and looked round at the lovely gray tangle about him, and his round eyes looked queerly happy.
I pushed through a tangle of tall white-flowered bushes, and saw him twenty paces beyond, looking over his shoulder at me and hesitating.
Simultaneously the tangle underwent a violent upheaval.
While longhaired cats require the most upkeep, mats and tangles can be an issue for all cats.
Researchers are also looking at inflammation after recognizing that beta-amyloid plaques and tau tangles cause an inflammatory immune response that can damage brain cells.
Clumps of two types of sticky proteins, beta-amyloid plaques and tangles of tau, build up in the brains of those suffering from Alzheimer's.
Inspired by the fundraising triumphs and medical breakthroughs she witnessed in her 10-year role as charity trustee, Sue Jay organised a Gala Night at Debenhams Lichfield, alongside store manager Rachel Anslow, her friend Alice Reeve, owner of Francesco's Hair Salon in the Three Spires Shopping Centre, and her fellow members of the Lichfield Ladies Tangles.
Originally put forth in the mid-1980s, the amyloid hypothesis maintained that beta-amyloid deposits in the brain set off all subsequent events -- the neurofibrillary tangles that choke the insides of neurons, neuronal cell death, and inflammation leading to a vicious cycle of massive cell death," says Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, director of the MGH Genetics and Aging Research Unit and co-senior author of the report receiving advance online publication in Nature.
16 ( ANI ): Researchers have said that massive neuron death that occurs in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) seems to be caused by raw ingredients of plaques and tangles working in concert, rather than by plaques and tangles themselves.
It has anti-static properties, too making it brilliant for fine hair and its bristles are at different heights so it glides through knots and tangles with no pain.
The study, published in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, demonstrates that taking both stroke risk and the burden of plaques and tangles into account may offer a more powerful assessment of factors determining how people are doing now and will do in the future.
In Section 2, we describe the tangle decomposition of a (3 + 1)-free poset into clone sets and tangles and use it to compute the poset's automorphism group.