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As singers, actors, and composers, Schipa and Gardel expressed the commonalities between opera and tango in a voice technique based on recitar cantando, a form of recited singing similar to that characteristic of the dramas of ancient Greece.
Copa Airlines is the Official Carrier of the Tango Lovers' cast for the fourth consecutive year.
Created in 2013, the cast includes ten Argentine tango dancers, two contemporary dancers and five musicians.
This year, we will have groups of tango lovers from France, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Belgium.
But when I started dancing tango, like any other person who learns tango, you get instantly hooked by the music and by this beautiful dance.
What is special in tango that makes it different from other types of dances?
He runs a traveling tango show and says the tour has had success in Russia, the United States, Japan, Brazil and in Central America.
People are constantly coming by and looking in the windows and just walking in," said Bryant, a self-employed computer programmer and a 1977 graduate of South Eugene High School who discovered tango himself about 18 months ago.
From panty liners to car insurance, Mexican advertising campaigns have incorporated tango music and images for years.
Dot & Vera will be pushing their trolley all over the country and giving away some smashing prizes, such as a night out at the dogs, a stag or hen night without the wedding, your weight in Tango, and loads, loads more.