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This perceptive study focuses on a recurrent motif in Marlowe's writing: "games of tantalization in which enticing objects and ideas are offered and then withdrawn before they can be grasped" (3).
5 hours of the newest dance routines of Jordin's Paradise fall repertoire; that include Burlesque favorites such as Flirty chair, Historical sensual classics like belly dance to trendy new tantalizations such as Pole Dance.
But in combination with Iran's recent political history--which includes an early-twentieth-century constitutional revolution, a mid-century British and American sponsored coup d'etat that overthrew a democratically elected prime minister, and the late-twentieth-century Iranian revolution and its contemporary wake--there is a complex comingling with the West that hinges on the tantalizations of veiling, sexuality, and a racialized Islamic alterity that has provoked a feminist reaction that spans the popular-scholarly spectrum.
He tells us much, but there are tantalizations of deeper things.