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Eat them one at a time or in different combinations for ultimate taste-bud tantalization.
This perceptive study focuses on a recurrent motif in Marlowe's writing: "games of tantalization in which enticing objects and ideas are offered and then withdrawn before they can be grasped" (3).
Misconceptions about nudity may abound, but there is no pressure to take it all off on these cruises, and no tantalization, Tiemann emphasizes.
Eat them one at a time or in different flavor combinations for the ultimate in taste-bud tantalization.
5 hours of the newest dance routines of Jordin's Paradise fall repertoire; that include Burlesque favorites such as Flirty chair, Historical sensual classics like belly dance to trendy new tantalizations such as Pole Dance.
But in combination with Iran's recent political history--which includes an early-twentieth-century constitutional revolution, a mid-century British and American sponsored coup d'etat that overthrew a democratically elected prime minister, and the late-twentieth-century Iranian revolution and its contemporary wake--there is a complex comingling with the West that hinges on the tantalizations of veiling, sexuality, and a racialized Islamic alterity that has provoked a feminist reaction that spans the popular-scholarly spectrum.
He tells us much, but there are tantalizations of deeper things.