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Unserious attitude to important matters and person specific legislation by the ruling party is also tantamount to delegitimising the parliament .
Since its launch in January this year, the smart car rental service has achieved high demand rates where it had so far executed 60,277 journeys; which tantamount to 49,139 rental hours within seven months only after the launch of the "eKar" and "Udrive" apps," said Adel Shakri, director of Transportation Systems at RTA Public Transport Agency.
Invoking the anti-terrorism SUA (Suppression of Unlawful Acts against safety of Maritime Navigation And Fixed Platforms on Continental Shelf) Act would tantamount to the Republic of Italy being termed a terrorist state and acts of its organs, which were in repression of piracy, as being deemed as acts of terrorism, which is wholly untenable and unacceptable in the facts and circumstances of this case and in keeping with the comity of nations and international cooperation," the petition stated.
BEIRUT: The head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Mohammad Choucair, said in a statement Friday that sending a drone to Israel "was tantamount to .
Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, has expressed concern over the publication of a comic book announced as part of a series on the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be up on him), by the French tabloid Charlie Hebdo, hoping that the current publication by the magazine would not tantamount to another instance of abuse of freedom of expression.
The general conclusion is that the use of eye drops is not tantamount to ending the fast.
His continued refusal to acknowledge those results is tantamount to a heist of the democratic process.
A lot is undeserved, but effectively refusing to play for your club is tantamount to treason - and the punishment should fit the crime.
Glassonbury's 10lb claim is tantamount to theft and the young rider possesses a 20 per cent strike-rate from 15 starts under rules.
Tannenbaum's Tantamount (which he runs with wife Kim and scribe Mitch Hurwitz), Berman/ Braun and Imagine have received three pilot orders each this development season.
Likud MK Edelstein says that calls by Fatah for resistance are tantamount to war; Defense Minister Barak said Israel should ignore the rhetoric.