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Contrary to widespread misconception, the power to declare war is tantamount to the power to make war.
The court added that threatening to disclose the information was tantamount to a privacy violation "because the security of one's privacy has been compromised by the threat."
"Moving the Yankees out of The Bronx would be tantamount to the' strip-mining' of one borough, but not necessarily to the advantage of the other borough," said Ferrer.
Leaving the fate of soil and people to the market would be tantamount to annihilating them." That theme is an old one, of course, echoed by greens and reds down the decades since 1848.
Failure to use magnetic media without an approved waiver is tantamount to failing to file the information return and may subject the taxpayer to a maximum $50 per return penalty, unless reasonable cause can be shown.
But in the case of gray tree frogs, environmental factors appear tantamount to these basic drives, day Resetarits and Wilbur.
This is a treacherous act and as an elected public official, this is tantamount to treason,' he added.
In a statement issued here, the Minister said that such attacks tantamount to attack on freedom of expression and unacceptable for the government.
They may claim that some form of "global governance" is needed to prevent war or to save the environment -- but such an admission is at best a half-truth, tantamount to a lie.
But to then lock the little girl in a garage alone was tantamount to torture.
In Toronto, that eminent philosopher-theologian Henry Morgentaler called the editorial disgusting--"tantamount to inciting murder and violence against doctors who provide abortions."