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Every day was a Hallelujah Day when Michael and his brothers hit the tape deck.
Thanks to David Rich, I not only got fabulous speakers, but saved so much money that I was able to buy an entire system--speakers, turntable, tape deck, Onkyo receiver, CD player, stereo stand, and 400-CD capacity CD cabinet--for less than I had budgeted for loudspeakers alone.
ANYONE with a digital music player can set all their tunes free onto the cars stereo system, all you need is a tape deck and one of these adaptors.
The pair of stripes is written simultaneously by pulsing the write head with current while transporting the tape on a precision tape deck.
The Recording Industry Association of America is turning its focus to software that essentially allows listeners to use a personal computer just like a conventional tape deck for AM/FM radio.
A reel-to-reel tape deck is placed on top of a ladder; the take-up reel, however, has gone missing.
With your turntable or tape deck connected to your computer via the line out from the amplifier or tape or phone jacks, Audio Cleaning Lab records and lets you save in four formats, including WAV and MP3.
It may have a carpet and a little altar, a crucifix, an image of Jesus, icons, candles, incense, and a tape deck or CD player.
Retreating to a rented house with only a tape deck and a guitar, Springsteen recorded Nebraska, an album critic Patrick Humphries called "as compelling and poignant a comment on the Reagan years as any in print or on film.
The swaths of magnetic field recorded by ordinary tape deck heads are hundreds of times wider than the microscope's head requires.
Fortunately, the Coffee Mess Officer had had the foresight to procure a tape deck for the ready room with backwards-play capability.
If you're a music lover, get the Kenwood M29 which incorporates tuner, tape deck, CD and a traditional turntable for pounds 349.