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It has been designed in a modular way so that the upper 40% of the base can be fitted with a taper.
Orvis' Hydros Bass/Warmwater line has a compact head and short front taper to punch big bugs into the wind and into tight shoreline spots from close range.
Adamis acquired global rights to the Taper DPI technology in all medical indications from 3M.
Regardless, for the Fed, the taper has become a question of "pick your poison".
3SAE's fiber optic Taper Manufacturing Station offers three customizable tapering modes: single direction, bi- directional and table-based.
Taper crimp is much more forgiving than roll crimp, but it is also more subtle, so this article will delve into the aspects of taper crimp.
Zheng explained that the light beam in a single-mode dielectric taper establishes a field that is evanescent outside the taper core when the tapering angle is small and the energy radiated from the taper interior is concentrated in the close vicinity of the taper core for the whole length of the taper, no matter how long the taper is, whereas the radiation loss is found to be of second order in the tapering angle in [6]; Paying more attention to the description of circular taper, equation 47 in that paper manifests that the local fundamental mode is in accordance with the previous supposition, and that the Bessel function of the first kind of order n and modified Bessel function of the second kind of order n determine the field inside and outside the taper, respectively.
For a one- or two-way taper, there is no difference between these two strategies since the assumed average and true average thicknesses are the same; however, using an assumed average thickness of (H + L)/2 is much easier for all other taper geometries, since information about high- and low-point thicknesses is readily available.
One concern of athletes commencing a tapering regimen is the possible negative effect of detraining as a result of the reduced training load during the taper.
This gave rise to the potentially dangerous possibility of mismatched taper connections and a failure to create a gas-tight breathing system capable of ventilating a patient.
The company's new system is said to speed and simplify taper gauging on press brakes for making angular bends.