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Patients are more likely to have a successful taper if nonpharmacologic interventions are part of a comprehensive treatment plan.
A rear taper, in contrast, would allow line coming off the rear of the spool to make more contact with line at the front as it leaves the spool.
After the discussion, patients decided whether to continue with the plan to taper their opioid therapy or to not taper their therapy and so receive a referral to an MPC.
When considering the base pressure distributions, on the single instance discussed, the indication is that the wake switched from an up-wash dominated wake to a downwash dominated wake with the introduction of the 15[degrees] taper, showing it to be a non-trivial modification.
In this study, the combined effect of the helicopter blade taper and blade root chord length on the control effort of the FCS of a helicopter is for the first time evaluated with OVCs.
State health officials recommended that physicians taper down their patients' opioids.
If a patient has been using a 12.5 mcg/hour fentanyl patch, a switch to an oral opioid is recommended to complete the taper. When the smallest dosage has been reached, the interval between doses can be stretched; and once the medication is being taken less than once per day, it can be stopped.
In studies with adult athletes, it is established that the taper can last from 7 to 28 days, and that 2 wks of tapering is the period most commonly used by the coaches (3,9,29).
Length: With the industry-standard taper, if you can reduce the length of the sprue bushing by just one inch, you reduce the wall thickness of the sprue at the parting line by 0.042 in.
With the rapid development of the ultra-wideband and short pulse applications in UWB communication systems and ground penetrating radar (GPR), ultra-wideband antennas, such as TEM horn, log-periodical, helical, and tapered slot antennas (TSA), have been widely studied in recent years.
Amongst 40 molars prepared with rotary instruments, 36 had acceptable length, 34 had adequate density and 37 had adequate taper. Amongst 40 molars prepared manually, 24 had acceptable length, 15 had adequate density and 22 had adequate taper.
"Buprenorphine taper should be used sparingly, if at all, in primary care treatment of patients dependent on prescription opioids," the investigators said.