taper off

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The New Zealand mobile market is now approaching saturation and mobile subscriber growth will taper off significantly in 2007 and 2008.
Mobile growth will, however, begin to taper off over the next few years as the market approaches saturation, with revenue growth of 6.
They looked ready to go again, and we'll taper off and be ready for prelims.
The researchers found that the chlorine level in the reservoir species was low throughout the period of greatest ozone loss in September, then returned to more normal levels in October when ozone depletion began to taper off.
While an early flu season has the potential to translate to increased sales of OTC medications in the last quarter, it is not unusual for the flu season to taper off well before the end of the first quarter of the next year.
And look for sales to taper off but still be strong in the Valley while price increases moderate.
In industrialized societies, cyring is as normal in a baby as diapers are on it: Crying generally peaks when the baby is around six weeks old, at which point the squalls taper off.
As condo sales in some markets are already reportedly slowing, the condo benefit for multifamily is expected to taper off, especially in markets like Las Vegas and South Florida, where significant condo supply has recently come on line or is in the construction pipeline.
The rain that began falling Monday afternoon was expected to taper off overnight, with a slight chance of thunderstorms and possible snow around the Los Angeles area.
Despite strong revenue growth in 2005 amongst pay TV providers, it is likely to taper off moving into 2007 as there is unlikely to be sufficient growth in new subscribers to fuel further growth.
Forecasters predicted the rain would continue this morning and then taper off, with showers possible through Friday.
CDMA infrastructure semiconductor revenue is expected to increase for the next few years, and then taper off after 2008.