taper off

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But fears that the improvement might see the Fed taper off its programme of quantitative easing saw stocks then tumble back.
(5) That could be because the women didn't taper off slowly enough, the authors suggest.
Quins have seen their barnstorming start to the season taper off, and although they got back to winning ways at Leeds last week, they are up against a team playing some of the best rugby in the Premiership at the moment.
Construction starts and completions continue to taper off, which has helped stabilize vacancy rates, particularly in CBD markets.
David Priebe of Greensboro, N.C., who presented the case at the annual meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, told Indications that the patient was advised to gradually taper off the veggies and focus more on carbohydrate- and protein-rich foods.
His voice would swell or taper off, depending on the phrase.
At a nest's founding, fights are furious but eventually taper off into ritualized encounters.
Leydenjar, 2002, has bundled forms--whose cross sections resemble speech bubbles in blue, red, and black--that taper off to their vanishing point.
Conditioning gains for the untrained runner can be enormous in the early stages of running, but these inevitably taper off, as you become fitter.
Children suffering from active, severe Crohn's disease who had not responded to conventional therapy over four months and had not been able to taper off their potentially growth-stunting steroid therapy showed significant improvement and were able to decrease steroid usage within four weeks of an infusion of a new biologic therapy, infliximab.
consumer credit quality that began in early 1998 appeared to taper off at year-end 1999, suggesting that the credit quality of the average American cardholder may be stabilizing, based on the credit performance in the roughly $310 billion of credit card loan pools backing securities rated by Moody's Investors Service.
The PBD/MA compound's stress-strain profiles did not taper off until the materials reached 200% elongation.