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Typically there is an accelerated flow, resulting in suction, over the tapered surface and the application of asymmetric tapering produces a difference in the pressure between the left (windward) and right hand (leeward) side driving the change in [C.sub.Y].
Kaya, "Flapwise bending vibration analysis of a rotating tapered cantilever Bernoulli-Euler beam by differential transform method," Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol.
The geometry of the proposed Gaussian tapered post-wall slotline antenna is shown in Figure 1.
Launched in December 2014, Tapered Plus is an independent roof design business that provides roof designs and materials and has developed an app to make it easier for their clients, building contractors and individuals to design and approve their ideal roof anytime and anywhere on their laptop, tablet or mobile.
Accordingly tapered roller bearings are widely used in these applications, however tapered roller bearings suffer from issues such as a relatively high rotational torque and the need to adjust preload during assembly.
(9) Another report suggests that the psychotropic drug is tapered down every 2 weeks, so that after each 2-week tapering period, the dose is further reduced by 10%.
Use of a Tapered MMI to Flatten the Spectral Response.
INTRODUCTION 333 Tapered dielectric waveguides have been extensively used since 1970s in designing components in millimeter, sub-millimeter and optical circuitry.
The results revealed that the most prevalent arch form among the individuals of the sample was of the tapered variety i.e., 49.2% irrespective of the Angle classification while ovoid and square arch forms were 2nd and 3rd in the prevalence order i.e., 29.2% and 21.2% respectively.
Zimmer Dental Inc., is pleased to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of its renowned Tapered Screw-VentA Implant by offering special cost-saving opportunities to new and existing customers.
plans to invest the equivalent to about $8 million to expand tapered roller bearing manufacturing capacity at a plant in Chennai.
It is commonly assumed that the average R-value of tapered insulation is equivalent to the R-value of its average thickness (Graham 1995; PIMA).