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Patients were selected if they were 1) currently on opioid medications without tapering; 2) currently tapering chronic opioid therapy (6 months or greater); and 3) discontinued chronic opioids therapy within the past 3 years.
The advantages of rear end tapering are evident, but lead to a rear end shape that for SUV manufacturers may be unacceptable.
The researchers interpret their finding that stronger emerging markets were hurt more by tapering news than were their weaker counterparts as suggesting that financial market participants were not placing much weight on the longer-run implications of tapering for the weaker countries, and that they were more concerned with near-term balance sheet adjustments that might affect the stronger countries.
Moody's says that QE tapering is most likely to have a negative impact
It had weakened on account of Fed tapering and slowdown in Chinese economy despite positive indicators in Australian economy.
Slow tapering is safer and better tolerated than more abrupt techniques.
Single direction tapering is well suited for tapering fibers with small taper ratios of less than 50 percent.
Figures 2(a), (b), (c) show what happen when the electromagnetic waves (plane waves) strike the interface of tapered cone for different tapering angles.
This tapering is very useful for drilling and milling cutting tools to increase the frequency of bending vibration and thus the stiffness of the tool compared to the ones of constant section shafts having the same volume and manufactured from the same material (Kim et al.
Many training variables can be altered during a tapering regimen.
Tapered Chamber Design Goals Chamber Configuration: tapered chamber Construction Dimensions: 20-ft X 20-ft X 20-ft cube with 40-ft long taper Intended Use: antenna measurements Shielding Series 81 Anechoic Receive End Wall: EHP-36PCL pyramidal, flame-retardant absorber Materials Taper Wall: EHP-18WGCL wedge, flame-retardant absorber tapering down to 5" LFB Ceiling, Floor and Side Walls: combination of EHP-18PCL absorber, around the QZ Walkways: WW-12PCL rigid walkway Anechoic Source Quiet Zone Guaranteed Performance Frequency Antenna Reflectivity Reflection Directivity Level Level 0.
The same beneficial freezing pattern is obtained by tapering the plate (Fig.