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However, backup tapes are made for bulk protection of data, so they are not designed to make it easy to access specific content on them.
Bruzewicz, and their colleagues at Harvard began with a piece of transparent plastic tape 12 micrometers (pm) thick, 3 millimeters wide, and 50 mm long.
For the majority of organizations, tape backup is the preferred solution to protect Exchange.
The BGSA system applies most proprietary self-adhesive tapes to a thermoset elastomer extrusion inside the tool to create a permanent welded bond.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC), supplier of intelligent storage solutions for the open system market, announced recently an expansion of its Pathlight VX disk-to-tape backup solution that will bring the benefits of disk performance, RAID fault tolerance, and an integrated path to tape to a larger community of IT end users.
In my own role as a rehabilitation counselor educator, I kept imaging how different tapes could be used in a number of courses including courses specific to AOD counseling, introductory rehabilitation courses, and psychosocial aspects of disability, but they would also work well in AOD prevention and treatment programs.
Some investigators object to full tapes that usually begin with denials of guilt, which are useful to the defense.
If watching a tape becomes a substitute rather than a supplement to going to a group, that's a tangible loss.
Some of the most important and interesting of these developing technologies include backup and recovery, archiving, tiered storage, storage networking, interconnects, CDP, NAS, iSCSI SANs, virtualization, security and encryption, and virtual tape.
According to International Data Corp., in fiscal year 2003, Fortune 500 companies spent $7 billion on approximately 1,200 terabytes (1 terabyte = 1,000 gigabytes) of data stored on magnetic tape. Additionally, Jim Porter of Disk/Trend Inc.
The FBI has eagerly sought an alternative to magnetic fluid because the fluid ruins digital tapes and disks.
While there are expensive wasy to safeguard data, none is cheaper or easier than a tape backup system, in which all computer data are copied onto a magnetic tape.