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The combination of NearStore VTL Shadow Tape functionality and NetVault: Backup provides a simple, integrated solution that improves the levels of data protection for virtually any data center environment," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Alliances at Network Appliance, Inc.
Tape media is considered the most reliable and most prevalent source for enterprise data recovery.
Advanced VTL technologies are inherently more secure than tapes.
But what's news is that tape is finding its way into many exciting applications where combined with other technologies, it provides exceptional levels of performance and value to end-user organizations.
The three-day celebration - beginning Friday, June 16, 2006 - encourages duct tape fanatics, artists, kids and adults to salute the American staple product.
The two dominant mid-range tape technologies--Super DLTtape II and Linear Tape Open Ultrium 3 (LTO 3)--have embraced the WORM concept and both now offer WORM functionality, although each takes a different approach.
Produced by podcasting guru, Len Peralta, and hosted by duct tape enthusiasts Michelle Heffner and Mark Szczepanik, "Tape Talk" explores the wacky tales of the tape, including the popular Duck(R) brand duct tape Stuck at Prom(R) Scholarship Contest, the underground world of duct tape arts and crafts, music celebrating the many colors of duct tape, and why the Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival is the place to be during Father's Day weekend.
In a small office or home office (SOHO) environment, it may be feasible to have a single data protection approach, or a standalone tape drive, to store all data, applications and operating systems that are used to operate the business.
Of the 30 tapes analyzed, eight tapes still contained data potentially recoverable through standard data recovery methods.
There will likely be many more instances of lost tapes, which may lead to embarrassing public disclosures and expensive notification efforts.
Moreover, tapes can be easily shipped and are less likely to be damaged in the shipping process.
Exabyte Corporation (OTCBB:EXBY), the leading innovator in tape backup, restore, and archival systems, today announced that IBM has agreed to purchase Exabyte's VXA-320 Packet Tape Drive for its popular IBM eServer xSeries(R) systems.