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When we stepped outside the apartment I looked over the ledge and didn't see any involuntary soldiers but then I realized I forgot my tapping stick.
The six steel balls, spaced 60 deg apart and about 3/4[inches] inside the tapholder, distribute driving torque very evenly and are far less susceptible to the shock loads imposed when the spindle of the tapping machine is reversed to back out the tap.
Users can benefit from new technology including developments such as diamond-coated solid carbide taps for highly abrasive composite materials, high performance carbide taps for stellites, taps for high-speed applications, and taps for tapping without coolant.
If you see one character tapping, it's exciting," he says.
Thus, it may come as a surprise that tapping has gone high tech and now has answers to most tapping dilemmas.
He told me he'd heard from his wife about "some white chick tapping with the old hoofers at DTW" and I told hint I liked that he wore his glasses in Eubie.
Jane Goldberg is a tapper and frequent writer on dance who has carried her shoes to India on two tapping Fulbrights.
Nine of Goldberg's tapping colleagues, the Sole Sisters, recounted her crusades to balance the gender gap in a male-dominated tap world, as well as to highlight the achievements of octogenarian black tap masters, who were still alive and teaching.
You are tapping in your bedroom, in the bathroom, even the shower.
Jeni LeGon, the first black female tap dancer to sign a contract with a major Hollywood studio, MGM, was known for tapping in her signature pantsuits.