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Antonio Trillanes IV topped the list for tardiness, arriving after the roll call 26 times out of the 72 session days he was present.
In addition, Allahverdi and Aydilek [16] proposed heuristic algorithms in order to minimize the total tardiness.
He is doing the same work as a certified programmer but is being paid like a non-certified one due to the unnecessary tardiness of the university.
Suhoski for five business days after "excessive tardiness.
We're told Cameron's tardiness in ditching Miller springs from his Cabinet's paucity of women.
It's not so much that we will not be weaned from tardiness, but for some reason better left to anthropologists to analyze, thinking ahead and forward planning are not wired into our skulls.
The performance of selective rerouting policy has been evaluated with respect to the tardiness based performance measure.
Mina admits that she's not exactly prompt but says she's been dealing with all kinds of career problems at the moment and blames work for her tardiness.
Three common objective functions, namely average tardiness, percentage of tardy jobs and average flow time, were to be minimised.
On Monday, Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski stated that the opposition's irresponsible behavior and the tardiness of the budget will cost the state 84 million euro but still promised that the Government will find a way to settle its debts.
Maybe he figured the judge might already have a low opinion of defendants on drug charges, and he didn't want to add tardiness to his personal profile.
Therefore minimizing total weighted completion time, tardiness and earliness is not only a measure of academic interest but also useful and important in practice.