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While one nurse had a history which was somewhat similar, the court found that the record of the other nurse was substantially better than Nurse Knight's regarding job performance and tardiness.
I've also found that the students most susceptible to tardiness are those who believe that school is a waiting area until they can find full-time work or who know what vocation they wish to pursue and consider other disciplines a waste of time.
To many who knew her work from gallery shows, the tardiness was puzzling; in the late '60s, museums had begun to award full-career retrospectives to those at the early middle, not just the end, of their artistic lives.
Absenteeism and tardiness are significantly reduced, for example, and employees are usually happier (and therefore more productive), when they are not forced into a long commute to-and-from work.
Mentors also can help new employees become familiar with various police facilities, such as the shooting range, and provide them with several alternate travel routes to the academy, which may help reduce tardiness once recruits begin academy training.
Najib had also been reprimanded several times previously during his other trial involving SRC International Sdn Bhd, in which judge High Court judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali had rebuked him for his tardiness.
A SCHOOL is aiming to reduce tardiness by introducing a "late gate".
Itong yung mga absenteeism sa opisina yung iba naman ay tardiness sa opisina as I have said medyo minor lang ito pero pwede pa ma-correct,' Albayalde added.
A court employee slapped with an administrative complaint for 'habitual tardiness' has been ordered fined by the Supreme Court although he had already died.
Sources revealed that a number of complaints lodged on the Prime Minister's Citizen Portal related to the tardiness of officials.
Gordon, who was (https://www.ibtimes.com/josh-gordon-patriots-tom-brady-gives-opinion-surprise-trade-2717769) only acquired earlier last month in a trade , was to be disciplined for tardiness by head coach Bill Belichick and was expected to miss the first quarter of Monday night's 25-6 win over the Buffalo Bills.
Tardiness is also a manifestation of this lack of discipline.