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They were tardy in recognizing this, for not one of the Junta liked him.
John Willet was so amazed by the exasperation and boldness of his hopeful son, that he sat as one bewildered, staring in a ludicrous manner at the boiler, and endeavouring, but quite ineffectually, to collect his tardy thoughts, and invent an answer.
Now, with Season 2 of "Dear White People" set to debut on Netflix sometime next year, actor Jeremy Tardy, who portrayed Rashid on the show, is sharing what he hopes to see with his character going forward.
com)-- National law firm, Maron Marvel Bradley & Anderson LLC is pleased to announce that the firm now will be known as Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC.
Ready for a back-to-school audience with punctuality and time management challenges built in, "Totally Tardy Marty" entertains school age readers with a fascinating series of dazzling distractions that plague Totally Tardy Marty.
Sources attributed the situation to tardy relatives who refuse to take the patients back home or fail to answer calls from the hospital.
During the last decade, progress has been tardy in most of the highway projects.
We have made waterresistant watches in the past; some you can take a few meters under the sea, but the Calibre de Cartier Diver is the firstever professional diving watch manufactured by Cartier," said JeanBaptiste Tardy, Cartier area manager for Southeast Asia based in Singapore.
However, it is also a fact that the opposition agreed with the election rules and it could be said that the reaction to the non-recognition of the elections is tardy.
The tardy response to this disaster by George W Bush played no small part in the standing of this president and the fortunes of the subsequent Republican contender for the presidency.
yZMyR (CyHAN)- An eighth-grade student who stabbed his teacher to death on Wednesday in the province of yzmir after she requested he obtain a tardy slip was arrested on Thursday.
In the stipulation, "Judge Singbush admitted that (1) 'since his election in 1991, [he] has been habitually tardy for hearings, first appearances, and trials for which he was the presiding judge'; (2) 'when tardy, [he] was often tardy for more than 15 minutes'; (3) '[his] tardiness inconveniences and economically burdens lawyers, litigants, and the judicial system'; [and] (4) 'the majority of the times [he] was late to [c]ourt were without good cause .