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He began to peel this with great composure, observing at the same time, that to ask a good woodsman to shoot at a target so broad as had hitherto been used, was to put shame upon his skill.
He drew his bow firmly and, taking advantage of a momentary lull in the breeze, launched the arrow straight and true-singing across the range to the center of the target.
Forward it leaped toward the target, and all eyes followed its flight.
The last light seemed to fade from the lawn, and the poplars against the sunset were like great plumes upon a purple hearse, when the futile procession finally curved round,and came out in front of the target.
The target stood up in the dim grass like a dark goblin grinning at them, and it was literally grinning.
And when he saw the face he'd shot at shining on the target he practiced on, all lit up with an infernal light, he did jump.
It was the same sort of thing; he found a disused target in a deserted yard and couldn't resist indulging in a little secret shooting, like secret drinking.
TEI believes this rule should be modified to apply the consistency rule only to the extent necessary to reduce basis in the gain assets by the lesser of (1) the total net gain,(5) and (2) the amount of the section 243(a)(3) dividends paid by the target during the period described in Prop.
In contrast, the actual acquirer held common equity interests in the target that approximated all of its value.
Despite the obvious importance of the issue, the deductibility of costs incurred by a target in response to a takeover attempt was only recently addressed by a court.