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POHO provides FV intervention standards that outline: specific target populations at risk; locations for delivery; roles and responsibilities of oral health professionals; frequency of application; and data collection and reporting processes.
The Strategic Framework for Microinsurance in Pakistan has five main objectives focusing on the revisit and establishment of a responsive and sound Microinsurance regulatory framework, growth outreach, documentation and institutionalization of diversified and sustainable business models, development of tailored microinsurance for multi-peril risks, and development of client awareness to ensure client protection of the target population.
In addition to designing the HCC, the grant funds provided the resources to establish retention programs, services, and scholarships for newly admitted or continuing nursing students in the target population.
Ethnic minorities also have poor access to MAs with less than two per cent of places being filled by them despite four per cent of the target population coming from such a background.
Similarly, the rate of PSA screening for prostate cancer was highest in the 75- to 79-year-old group (57%), followed by the oldest group (42%), and was lower in the target population of men aged 50-74 years (40%).
hours of operation) is needed to increase access to care for the target population.
The target population didn't receive enough explanation about the advantage of accessing new information and communication technologies in terms of shifting from traditional practices to new practices in their activities of teaching, learning, and working.
It calls for an effort to produce 5 million college graduates in the target population by 2020.
Although the screening rates in the target population of adults over age 50, have increased from 20-30 percent in 1997 to nearly 55 percent in 2008 - the rates are still too low.
A nurse-managed health center employ nurses and other interdisciplinary members of the health care team to provide primary care and/or public health programs to the target population. What makes nurse managed health centers unique in the United States health care delivery system is that oversight to all center operations is conducted by a nurse who holds an advanced degree in nursing, not in administration, finance, or some other discipline.
The target population of the Cornwall Francophone CHC is individuals who wish or need to receive primary health care in French, reflecting the significant number of Francophone Ontarians in the Cornwall area and their constitutional right to access French language health care services.
Therefore, for example, the net rate of transmission from [H.sub.1] to [H.sub.2] ([f.sub.12]) depends on the size of the susceptible target population ([S.sub.2]), the size of the reservoir ([I.sub.1]), and the level of exposure and susceptibility of [H.sub.2] ([[beta].sub.12]).