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Although pelvic imaging and CA 125 screens are not recommended in asymptomatic patients, they could be "reasonable options for women who have target symptoms that are not explained by routine medical evaluation," the researchers reported.
A good trial takes 10 to 12 weeks, minimizes the dose, and carefully monitors target symptoms as well as potential side effects.
When it is necessary to prescribe medication in a different class, there should be clear-cut target symptoms for which the medication is being prescribed (i.
TABLE 5 Depressive Target Symptoms Prevalence in Patients Prescribed Antidepressants Retarded, lethargic symptoms 73/91 Agitated, depressed mood 27/91 Sleep deficit ?
Ultimately, medication selection must be based on specific diagnosis, target symptoms, medication side effects, and patient lifestyle and preferences.
She recommends that patients and their families use checklists to document symptoms, track their severity and progression, and target symptoms to address with school personnel.
Approving new drugs for target symptoms rather than a DSM diagnosis might eliminate the often deplored--yet necessary--practice referred to as "off-label" pharmacotherapy.
Future study should clarify the role of target symptoms such as agitation in identifying acuity.