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Comprehensive multiplatform molecular profiling identifies potentially targetable biomarkers in malignant phyllodes tumors of the breast," presented by Zoran Gatalica, Ph.
The harsh reality of twenty-first-century military cyber activity is that the heavy reliance on civilian products and infrastructure dramatically expands the universe of targetable objects, including systems on which important civilian functions rely.
With Nexage, DataXu will have access to billions of targetable impressions to satisfy the increasing advertiser demand for mobile inventory.
Digital media delivers some important benefits--it is targetable, accountable and delivers results quickly.
They will be looking for accountable and targetable approaches to their advertising, serviced by more efficient suppliers.
provides the service of Web design, Kanaday makes his mark on the internet marketing industry through his ability to "bring targetable, profitable users to the Web site.
He also led design and development of the Minuteman III ICBM, the nation's first missile capable of carrying multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles.
Both the C-17 and C-130 require improved airfields, which are easily targetable.
The system's geolocation capability enables it to locate emitters with targetable precision and pass the information to others in the battle management network.
We have the most concrete set of targetable data in Iraq," Reilly says of the operation code-named Tiger Strike.

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