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The list of items upon which a duty is imposed when they are imported into the United States, together with the rates at which such articles are taxed.

The term tariff is also used in reference to the actual custom or duty payable on such items.


Customs Duties; Import Quotas.

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the level of punishment imposed or recommended for a criminal offence.
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TARIFF. Customs, duties, toll. or tribute payable upon merchandise to the general government is called tariff; the rate of customs, &c. also bears this name and the list of articles liable to duties is also called the tariff.
     2. For the tariff of duties imposed on the importation of foreign merchandise into the United States.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The new tariffs means "our beautiful clothes for the holiday season have now turned into rags," he said.
On its part, India had imposed retaliatory tariffs on 25 American goods, less than two weeks after Washington's move.
'The Commission, therefore, wishes to notify the general public that no tariff increase has been approved by the Commission vide the Order,' the statement reads.
The (https://www.huffpost.com/entry/american-families-trump-china-tariffs-jpmorgan_n_5d5ade7ce4b04e1e14de8a9e) new trade war tariffs from September 1 at the rate of 10 percent on $300 billion of Chinese goods will escalate the burden by another $400 per household.
In April 2019, Nersa called for comment on the municipal tariff guideline, benchmarks and proposed timelines for the municipal tariff approval process for the 2019/20 financial year.
The tariff system currently in use in the Baltic states and elsewhere in Europe creates barriers to gas trade among member states and often results in an inefficient use of infrastructure, because transmission tariffs "accumulate" as natural gas is transported through several tariff zones, which makes gas trade costlier and slower.
rolled out safeguard tariffs on washing machines and solar cell imports, signaling China out in the official statement the U.S.
Before the imposition of the tariff last September, a PCB broker's sell price would include the cost to make the board, as well as freight and expenses such as value-added inspection and warehousing.
Since the life of these coal power plants have been fixed as 25 years, additional tariff given to these power plants will make the national exchequer to bear losses of approximately $14.25 billion US dollars during this period.
Since the life of these coal power plants has been fixed as 25 years, additional tariff given to these power plants will make the national exchequer bear losses of approximately $14 billion during this period, sources said.
The BOC said the retroactive collection of the 35-percent tariff difference is in accordance with the law.