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Hoock includes a contemporary British print of a woman being tarred and feathered by an American mob, although he acknowledges no evidence existed of any such incident.
Even so, one wonders just how eager audiences will be to watch a tony adaptation of ex-New York Times reporter Michael Finkel's self-serving memoir, a conscience-cleanser written to redeem himself after being tarred and feathered for inventing a composite character in a high-profile cover story.
Dale Myers They all want to be tarred and feathered.
Will Mary's amorous relationships force her to get out of town before she's metaphorically tarred and feathered? A literary precursor to the 1960's upheval in women's everyday roles, Mary and the Giant is an excellent selection for public library audiobook collections.
I ended up looking like I'd been tarred and feathered.
Their encore included Pack of Thieves, Zzzonked and during Constellations a shower of tiny stars fell upon the sweaty crowd who staggered out of the gig looking tarred and feathered. All in all a spectacular ending to their last night in the city.
The Shaheen omission is understandable, since her campaign essentially tarred and feathered Lamontagne in their 1996 gubernatorial race.
People commenting on his website blasted him and disabled comedian Phil Aychio said he should be "tarred and feathered".
I believe that had he been Anglican clergy, he would have been dragged through a Bishops' Court, denounced, reviled, defrocked, tarred and feathered in the press and run out of town on a rail.
I thought their behaviour reminiscent of the days when suspects were sent to the village stocks or tarred and feathered.