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Will Scarlet and Little John and Allan a Dale had just missed the King's men to the eastward, for the very next day after they had passed the line and entered Sherwood the roads through which they had traveled were blocked, so that, had they tarried in their journeying, they would surely have fallen into the Bishop's hands.
Newton's Co left Addison there Co then to Father's and back to Harrington's Co Tackled and pursued my journey to Hubbardston Co some rough way Co fell in with some old acquaintances at Clarke's Co drank more than was to my good Co tarried at D.
Without revealing location, or gender, a youngster nicknamed Tiger narrates the story of fleeing a remote country that has been ravaged alternatively by drought and flood, and now the impending threat of war Tiger's parents, dedicated to helping others, have tarried too long assisting others and now find themselves in peril as war and famine close in around them.